Student life

Our Story

Our Philosophy

Established in 2012, Student Life is all about offering quality student homes as top notch as the people who live in them, but all with one thing in common… friendly, switched-on staff who take care of everything and make you feel at home so you’re free to live your best “Student Life”.

Our Homes

From established favourites to newly opened buildings, our homes are the perfect base whilst studying at Uni. Whether your search is for an en-suite room in an apartment, have a group of 12 looking for a house share or your very own self-contained studio we have something to offer throughout Plymouth, and our approach to service is always the same.

Our People

Our people are dedicated to providing fantastic service and helping to ensure you’re free to enjoy your Uni experience to the max! Whether they’re behind-the-scenes in building maintenance or very much front-of-house in management, everybody is here for you.

Our Guests

Our guests are treated like clients, not lodgers. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our accommodation and the friendly, personal service that you’ll receive while staying with us.

We believe you should be able to relax while you’re living and studying away from home, so we take all your needs into account to take the stress out of renting student accommodation. Whether you are an international student arriving in the UK for the first time, or a domestic student studying for their final year, you’ll find new friends and lots of opportunities for fun at our student accommodation.

Really helpful and sufficient team and willing to go the extra mile to get the best results!

Al Oxberry - Via Google Reviews