Student life

Where did it all start?

Loads of people start businesses from a spare room in their family home but how many can say that everything changed the day that a very strange, 6ft tall guy, walked in to the house to chat about a rental … the kids just pointed at him.

Kevin Bateman can boast such a story and it was at that point that he quickly realised that he should move his lettings business in to a grown up office on North Hill in Plymouth, right where it still is today.

When it all started in 2012 there we only a handful of landlords on the books, but as student population has grown, so has the business. Today it’s one of the best student lettings businesses in the city and that business is called Student Life.

Really helpful and sufficient team and willing to go the extra mile to get the best results!

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The team

  • Kevin Bateman

    Let’s start with Kevin Bateman a man that’s been in the lettings game for over 5 years now. He knows his stuff inside out and has a genuine feel for the market and an understanding of how it ticks. It was in his spare bedroom where he started out under the name The Lettings Company and he’s proud of the fact that he now heads up a great team of people that offer a service that’s unrivalled in the city under one of his new businesses, Student Life Plymouth.

    Most likely to be heard screaming at the TV on a Saturday?
    ‘You’ve got to be joking ref’ and ‘I remember when Liverpool used to win things’

  • Harry Chance

    Straight out of Plymouth Uni, Harry has joined the team as the go to man for all things accommodation related. A local lad raised in North Devon, Harry’s biggest love is travelling and the mighty Plymouth Argyle.

  • Lucy Such

    Then there’s Lucy Such, the brains of the outfit (as she keeps telling us). Not only is she the ‘all-seeing’ Office Manager but she also happens to be one of the original Student Lifers. If it goes on here, Lucy knows all about it.

    Favourite all time pub quiz question:
    Why does a squirrel swim on it’s back? To keep his nuts dry.

  • Ria Chapman

    The final member of the Student Life ‘A Team’ is Ria Chapman who’s Head of Maintenance. If it goes wrong Ria fixes it. She’s like our very own Winston Wolf. When I say ‘she’ fixes it, she doesn’t actually fix it herself but she knows a man that does.

    Most likely to order in an expensive restaurant on Kevin’s credit card?
    Raw red meat and something alcoholic (note to self: don’t mess with Ria)

  • Breagha Thompson

    We were delighted to welcome Breagha to the team in January 2019. Bre has spent two years working in hospitality and we are look forward to seeing those skills in action.